Memories 2
September 1, 1967
Surprise! When Mick Clark said, “You’re going to be at the 95 Club Friday, Saturday and Sunday”, he meant booked – not just practicing. We were looking through the paper tonight and nearly went through the ceiling! This is what confronted us:
Fri., Sat., 10:30 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.
Sunday, 9:30 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Festival Winners)
Sat: SHAY HEALY. Sun.:
BRIAN FRY, Also featuring  THE
CLIFDENS. Denis McGrath,
Night and Day (American Folk)
David and Eileen (Scottish Folk)
Fri., 2/6           Sat., Sun., 3/-
                                                 Snackery   Visitors Welcome
We couldn’t believe our eyes! Mick gave us no indication that our names would be in the paper. It looks as if your daughter is a celebrity – at least for the moment. We can’t last. The competition is too great and only our novelty is carrying us along. I feel as if we are riding the crest of a wave. I don’t know if we will be able to stay aloft or if we’ll crash on the rocks. Whatever happens, it is an experience we will never forget. My main problem is keeping myself from counting chickens before they are hatched. Of course, when we saw the ad, I frantically went out and bought 25 more papers. Also it may, unfortunately, cause a rift in the group. Now that I’ve seen the name in print, I feel that “Day and Night” would be more appropriate. Don’t you? After all, day comes before night. Nina keeps referring back to Genesis.
September 2, 1967
There were so many people to help the Emmet-Spiceland launch their debut at the club last night that we didn’t get on. The show didn’t finish until after 3:30 am. It was supposed to finish at 2:30. The last acts were cut to only two songs each. Since we will definitely be on today, it was just as well that we didn’t sing because we would have done our two best songs and been without them tonight.
Denis came in late and didn’t sing either. The evening was a big success for the Emmet-Spiceland. The club was packed and Cecil Frew said there were at least 40-50 more people than usual. I can believe it. There wasn’t even standing room. I never realized how good that group is. There are only three of them, brothers Michael and Brian Byrne, and Donal Lunny. Donal is a fantastic mandolin player. Can you imagine playing a fast Irish reel or jig on a mandolin? He does it superbly. They ended the evening by singing “Hava Nagela”. It was tremendous. It is not difficult to see why they are the best. The BBC wants them for a television show.
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